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FTR003 - Angel Pavement by Konik  .. more details and reviews

Mark Langford, Dominic Lash, Roger Telford. Released Jul 2017. CD and / or digital download.

“An amazing album … this album is really exceptionally good and compelling. It has the maturity, emotional depth and measure of three musicians who know what to create and how to create it..” Free jazz collective.. more

“It’s the quality, distinctiveness and vitality of the playing that makes this album one of the best of its kind.”  Ian Mann , The JazzMann.. more

"...Telford with his jittery, crashing flow makes for a strong presence, a constant mercurial torrent …Langford builds on Telfords white water rapids with careful, deliberate pace on the smokily murmuring bass clarinet and the sparkling tenor sax ...Lashs pizzicato becomes clear as a driving force, as constant propulsion, sonorous, with agile bandwidth and no steady rhythm, more like Heisenberg's particle cloud"  Rigobert Dittman, Bad Alchemy…more

“The title track, Angel Pavement is a magnificent achievement; a musical statement which transcends its own intentions.” Steve Day, Sandy Brown Jazz .. more

FTR002 - Exchange  .. more details and reviews

Paul Anstey, Phil Gibbs, Hugh Kirkbride. Mark Langford,  Roger Skerman. Released Dec 2016

“Gibbs is a nimble picker, Skerman a fluffy tickler...The knee-high compost provides support for feverish hustle and bustle in the higher regions, with melancholic lyricism flowing from Anstey & Kirkbride’s fingers...Gibbs pouring mercury into 'stream', Langford blows windlessly in the willows...the tender tenor singing in its dark river bed remains dominant.” Rigobert Dittman review

“Listening to the long circling improv of Stream, it is possible to glimpse five musicians taking on a collective act of spontaneous performance. It is a high order encounter...Mr Gibbs is probably the musician who has ‘travelled’ the longest distance in the last twenty years…. he has reached an ‘inner’ virtuosity, labelling him is superfluous...Chaser a beautiful duet between Hugh Kirkbride and Paul Anstey. ...Hear Deep End; to follow Langford’s lines dropping into the abyss through that long black stick is to touch the bottom of the ocean. The full depth” Steve Day, Sandy Brown Jazz

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FTR001 -  Fringe Musicmore details and reviews

Paul Anstey bass, Phil Gibbs guitar, Bob Helson drums , Mark Langford tenor saxophone & bass clarinet . Released Nov 2014.

“Right from the gitgo, there is a tight, sprawling, integrated weaving of lines. Mr. Gibbs sounds relaxed as he plays a series of quick yet calm waves with that swell older jazz guitar tone. When Tenor man, Langford comes in, he also seems to be riding the waves created by the tight yet slippery rhythm team. This fine quartet sounds like they have been playing together for a long while since they seem to move in tight directions as one unit. By the third piece, the quartet heats up and soars powerfully together. The quartet moves very organically through both more restrained and more intense sections but remains always connected. I tried to figure out if this quartet did anything that made them sound British in any way but there is no way I could determine that. This is strong, spirited improvising nonetheless.”  - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery NY

FTR004 - Model Railway News

Phil Gibbs guitar, Roger Telford drums. Released Nov 2017. CD and / or digital download.

Gibbs and Telford with a deep exploration of free flowing and highly focused duet playing. Gibbs makes a distinctive and original range of sounds across the tracks using finely honed extended techniques. Telford plays masterful poly beats coming from a rich jazz heritage. Together they forge a lovely  set of powerful and sensitive musical improvisations.

FTR005 - Fringe Activity

Paul Anstey bass, Phil Gibbs guitar, Bob Helson drums and percussion, Mark Langford bass clarinet & tenor sax. Released Aug 2018. CD/R and / or digital download.

“Their collective improvisations are like real bursts of energy, shocking contrasts, sudden stylistic changes, eclectic combinations and spontaneous waves. The music has inspiring, bright and engaging sound – it’s created by using huge variety of different playing techniques, expressions, timbres and sounds … Splendid, sparkling, vivacious and bright solos of reeds, expressive and dynamic rhythmic section, solid, independent and free melodic basement, colorful, gorgeous and modern background, huge variety of unusual timbres and sounds – all these elements are gently integrated together in one place.”  Avant Scena review .. more

FTR006 - Pairing - Poetry and Music

Steve Day: words, voice, hand-percussion, whistle, Mark Langford:  music, bass clarinet, piano

Julian Dale: double bass (tracks 1, 2, 4, 7), bowed glass bowl (track 4).

CD/R & digital download. Includes 8 page insert with complete set of texts. Released Feb 2020

Mark Langford and I had been living in different parts of the city since the 1970’s. We were aware of each other, but didn’t arrive in the same space together until autumn 2016.  I needed a reeds player; he didn’t realise he required a poet nor I an exceptional pianist, but we ‘got each other’ completely.  We are a true pairing and we have pared down these performances to essentials. On five tracks this includes the contributions of Julian Dale, a bass player of nuance and detail, who appreciates ‘less is more’.    Steve Day, 2020

FTR007 - konik live - set & chunks

Mark Langford, Dominic Lash, Roger Telford. Released Jul 2021. CD and / or digital download.

Konik’s previous studio session, Angel Pavement, came swathed in free improvisation balancing the edge of virtual instant composition .Two years later this Set and Chunks CD predicates on a trio of in-concert performances, searing the sound in a way only possible by tapping into the heated environment of band/audience interface.

The Greenbank set blisters ears with firetalk. What comes out of the mouth of this tenor saxophone is akin to Neolithic language. Speech of throat and glossolalia burnt into eloquence. With Fringe chunk one the trio retrace ballad music; bassist Dominic Lash, plucking a storyville of expressive signals. Fringe chunk two carries weight and thickness with Roger Telford’s dense percussion hatching fabrication from Mark Langford’s bass clarinet, drawing down a duet with double bass. Set and chunks is the stuff of life. Steve Day, 2020.