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FreeTone records was created in October 2014 to promote and release both recordings and concerts of improvised and contemporary musics from and around Bristol UK. The first CD, Fringe Music, was inspired by performing at FringeFreeMusic in Clifton, Bristol and features Paul Anstey bass, Phil Gibbs guitar, Bob Helson drums and Mark Langford reeds who together make up the core resident players at FringeFreeMusic.

Many thanks go to Bob Helson who set up FringeFreeMusic and especially Jon Taylor who set up Fringe Jazz and helps promote improvised music in Bristol. In turn thanks go to Andy Sheppard and Tony Orrell who encouraged Jon to set up Fringe Jazz in the first place!

Mega thanks also go to Elizabeth Bell for the lovely header artwork and to John Morton for the FreeTone logo.

To contact FreeTone please email freetonerecords@yahoo.co.uk