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2nd December - Exchange - Expresso Bongo (matinée) - Grigg, Langford, Lash

6th December - Old England - Calcine Quartet, Hokkett, Invisible Man more info

10th December - Hen & Chicken - Get The Blessing

11th December - Fringe - Helson, Gibbs, Langford, Anstey more info

12th December - Greenbank - Blazing Flame Quintet more info

14th December - Greenbank - Hokkett + Strange Strings more info

21st December - Cafe Kino - 'Self-Decaptitation' (Rouzbeh Rashidi/Maximilian Le Cain) - Seth Guy, Louise's Guidelines, Harry Matthews, Stereocilia, Microdeform, Robin Foster, Anthony Brown

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Listings below taken from email “Free Sound - Bristol UK”

Creative Musics including Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Free Noise

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